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Explore Space with Kalam Labs

The Kids Space Organisation

Our mission is to inspire and educate children about space through hands-on learning experiences. At Kalam Labs, we believe that the future of space exploration lies in the hands of the next generation. That's why we're dedicated to providing children with the tools and knowledge they need to become the space leaders of tomorrow.


How We Inspire Future Space Leaders

Hybrid Learning Model

Combining the best of online and offline experiences, making space education more engaging than ever!

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For the Indian Space Dream

 It's the manifestation of the dedication, emotions, and hard work of thousands of scientists and citizens nationwide.

How we do it? 🚀


Star Parties

Experience the Cosmos, One Star Party at a Time

  • When Galileo Galie looked through a hazy lens, some 400 years back, the world was changed forever. At that very moment, the world was the same, yet suddenly there was more of of it.

  • The Star Parties, are Monthly, Telescopic Observation events done by Kalam Labs where we explore the realms of Space, with the number and types of telescopes.

  • The events are also the place where kids get awards, get items in exchange for their points, (All transactions done and confirmed before).


Cosmic Championships

The Cosmic championships are special-themed Tournaments where kids participate in a number of 10-minute rounds and get maximum points. The kids can play as many matches and get as many points as they want. If they have their own target of making some DIY project they shall always know how much they have to make more.

Engage in 10-minute PUBG-style matches.

Blast barrels, answer questions, and deepen your space knowledge.

Top the leaderboard, and embark on real-life space projects.

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Cloud 9 Projects

Dream big and achieve bigger. From building mini-rockets to conceptualizing space missions, every month is a new adventure.

Building a mini Dry-fuel rocket

Building Nanosat and launching it for driven purpose

Building Balloon Satellite

Making Observatory

Our Programs

Journey Beyond the Stars Begins Here

Unlock a universe of possibilities. With our subscription, access monthly championships, exclusive content, and more

  • Star Whisperer

    Every month
    ● Unlock a gallery of exclusive content that whispers the secrets of the stars
  • Comet Chaser

    Every 3 months
    ● Exclusive invites to monthly webinars with stellar experts.
  • Nebula Navigator

    Every 6 months
    VIP access to an immersive space observatory experience, walking through nebulae and star nurseries.
  • Galaxy Guardian

    Every year
    A yearly gift hamper that brings a slice of the universe to your doorstep, celebrating your guardian

Upcoming Events

Kalam Star Party
Kalam Star Party
15 Oct, 5:00 pm IST

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